Sunday, 9 September 2012

Brief Return to Summer

     It was a very chilly start to the day Sunday in southern Manitoba. Lows included:
+2°C in Winnipeg
0°C in Brandon, Emerson and Carman
-1°C in Steinbach
-2°C in Dugald

     It will warm up nicely this afternoon with highs in the mid twenties expected in southwestern Manitoba and low twenties elsewhere. Sunshine will dominate. Tonight will be much more comfortable than this morning with lows in the low teens.

     Tomorrow will be hot as a strong southerly flow of air pumps in 850 mb temperatures into the low twenties. With partly cloudy skies expected, 30°C will be possible (and even likely) along and south of the Trans Canada. It will be a dry heat, therefore humidity wont be an issue.

     Beyond tomorrow, things look seasonal with highs in the high teens and on some days low twenties in general for much of the week. No major rain expected in the near future.

1 comment:

  1. ''Only got to 29.4C in Winnipeg today. I say only because many communities reached and surpassed 30 to our west and southwest. Unfortunately that stiff south wind today may have been what kept our temperatures a little cooler. Still awesome for this time of year!

    Seasonal to slightly above for the next couple days before things cool down Thursday back to below normal - wont last long however.