Saturday, 22 September 2012

Cool Weather Continues, But a Bright Future is Ahead

Snow in Kenora yesterday
     A low of -5°C at Winnipeg Airport this morning was 'dangerously' close to a record. The old record was -7.8°C in 1899. The airport was an anomaly in the city however. Most parts of the city remained between -2°C and +2°C.
     Cool temperatures like these are expected again tonight. It has been a cold run here in Manitoba as we've been stuck in a prevailing trough. Some snowflakes were even seen in northwestern Ontario and areas north of Winnipeg over the last few days. The picture to the right is proof of the snowfall in Kenora yesterday. The full video of this snowfall can be seen here. Winnipeg did not officially see any snowflakes yesterday, but heavy amounts of pea sized hail did fall in central parts of the city when the front came through.
     A little tidbit: Winnipeg has not seen a single snowflake in September since 1995. We have not seen measurable snowfall (more than 0.2 cm) in September since 1984. If you think snowfall in September is something you'd only see in Manitoba, you are wrong! Calgary, for example, has had snowfall in September 12 times since 1995, including 11.8 cm in September 2003. In fact, the city averages 5 cm of snowfall in September.
     Things are expected to warmup here soon. Some warmer air from the west will move its way east briefly for Sunday and Monday bringing temperatures into the mid to high teens; certainly not shorts and sandles weather, but sunshine will be abundant.
     A reinforcing shot of cold weather is expected Tuesday and Wednesday then the ridge to our west begins to spread east. Above normal temperatures are expected late week into the weekend, with highs potentially reaching into the low twenties.
CPC in the US expecting above normal temperatures 8-14 days from now

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