Saturday, 1 September 2012

Meteorological Summer 2012 Comes to a Close - Ends 10th Warmest and 10th Driest

Summer 2012 (June-July-August) averages and ranks

Average high:      26.9°C       7th warmest
Average mean:  19.8°C      10th warmest (tied)
Average low:       12.7°C       24th warmest (tied)

Total rainfall:   129.5 mm     10th driest

     Summer 2012 will be remembered for its heat. From June 1 to August 31, 21 days had temperatures over 30°C. This is in fact more than in Summer 2011, when we only had 19 days over 30°C. The normal for the 3 month-period is 11 days.

It has been a dry summer
     The summer featured the 39th warmest June, the 5th warmest July and 40th warmest August. In addition, July was the 12th driest with 23.5 mm of rainfall.

     Each month had below normal precipitation, making the summer as a whole the 10th driest. Interestingly, 3 of the past 7 summers have been among the top 10 driest since 1873 (2006-2011-2012).

     Of note, this year is on the right track to being among the top 5 warmest years since 1873. Of course this will depend on this Fall and December. But we really have been on a long warm streak. The past three seasons have been among the top 10 warmest:
  • 4th warmest Winter
  • 2nd warmest Spring
  • tied 10th warmest Summer
     So far, 2012 is not among the driest, due to a wet Spring. However, we are still running well below normal.


  1. The statistics page is finished! Took me almost all summer to get to this point. Enjoy! Will update the page monthly.

  2. A cool/seasonal start to the morning this morning at around 10 or 11°C. Will be a mostly cloudy day today, however some sun is expected to peak out at times, which should be enough for us to get to the mid twenties by late afternoon. Winds will be light through most of the day, however they are expected to pick up slightly late afternoon and early evening to about W 20 km/h.

  3. Now working on the St Vital data feature.

  4. Going to be a partly cloudy day today with slight chances of isolated showers throughout southern Manitoba. A not so bad start of 12°C this early morning. Expecting to reach near 20°C today, closer to normal we could say. Winds will remain a bit light early morning and increase this afternoon to NW 30 km/h, which will make today feel a lot cooler than yesterday.