Thursday, 13 September 2012

Seesaw Forecast - Typical Fall Weather

     The next week will be quite typical for this time of year - ups and downs in temperatures. Things will significantly warmup Friday and Saturday after a cold Thursday. Friday will feature highs in the mid twenties in southwestern Manitoba and low twenties in southeastern Manitoba.

     Saturday will be the warmest day - and perhaps one of the last 'hot' days of the year. Temperatures are expected to approach 30 in all of southern Manitoba. Winds will also be strong Saturday however.

     Temperatures will take a dive Sunday and beyond as a trough moves in and settles for a while. Next week looks cold - well below normal for this time of year. Frost will likely be an issue mid/late week as overnight lows approach the freezing mark. Daytime highs will only be in the low teens on most days. However, it is still a little far to be too specific. What is for sure is there is no sign of warm weather after Saturday as of yet.

     No significant rainfall is in the forecast over the next week. This is becoming problematic considering we have been in a dry streak for a very long time. Here in Winnipeg, only about 3-4 mm of rain has fallen in the last 4 weeks. That is less than 10% of normal.


  1. -0.5C at my place in south end as of 6:15 AM. First freeze of the year here and at the airport which got down to -1C earlier this morning. Brr! This freeze is earlier than normal as the airport doesn't normally get its first freeze until September 22.

    The Forks Downtown only got down to 5-6C this morning. The Forks normally doesn't get its first freeze until October 5.

  2. We could even be talking about highs barely reaching double digits on some days next week. All I can say is bundle up!

  3. Wow all the way down to -2C at the airport overnight. Seems models have been overestimating night temperatures lately... I'm only expecting a high of 10°C today