Monday, 18 March 2013

Blizzard Conditions on Highways Today

     Attached video is of the blowing snow on the highway via CBC Manitoba.

     Generally between 10 and 20 cm of snow has fallen on south-central and southeastern Manitoba as of late this morning (preliminary estimates). In Winnipeg specifically, about 14-17 cm or so has been reported so far. (I'll have a new post later in the day summarizing the event).

     Strong northwest winds sustained between 40 and 50 km/h with gusts up to 60 and 70 km/h are expected in the Red River Valley this afternoon which will create blizzard conditions on highways. Although snowfall is generally winding down, the winds are easily whipping up the fresh snow as seen in the video I attached by CBC. Travel is not recommended and unnecessary if you don't absolutely need to get out.

     Since October, 159 cm of snow has fallen on Winnipeg as of noon today, more than 40 cm above the normal for an entire season (October to May).


  1. I'm also preparing some snowfall stats to demonstrate how this season compares to previous years.

  2. Thank you to those who participated in my poll. Looking forward to see what happens :) A reminder that the exact date will be determined using the snowfall measurements at my station in River Park South. Snow piles from snow plows and shoveling wont count as snow depth.

  3. Snow depth at 56 cm at my place now. Drifts are generally between 70 and 85 cm deep.

  4. Environment Canada reports 13 cm in Brandon and 15-20 cm in the Red River Valley. Hoping a snowfall summary will be issued later on...

  5. EC now has a summary of the event; preparing a new post now.