Saturday, 16 March 2013

Winter Storm to Kick Off the Work Week

     A Montana Low will bring southern Manitoba another big dumping of snowfall Sunday afternoon into Monday. 10-20 cm is expected to fall throughout the entire southern portion of the province. Strong northwest winds of 40 km/h with gusts over 60 km/h are possible Monday, especially in the Red River Valley, which will create blowing and drifting snow reducing visibilities. Stay tuned for updates on this potential storm. I will have a more in depth post later today.


  1. The morning runs of the models have reduced amounts for Winnipeg to a general 7-12 cm or so. I wont discount higher amounts just yet however

  2. Going to be a frigid night tonight with lows dropping into the mid minus twenties at least.

  3. Just finished a long analyse of the models so will have a post up by 10 pm