Thursday, 28 March 2013

Winnipeg Finally Breaks the Freezing Mark Barrier

     Winnipeg airport finally exceeded the freezing mark today with temperatures reaching +2°C as of 3 PM. This ends a 76-consecutive day streak from January 11 to March 27 with temperatures not reaching the freezing mark, the 20th longest streak since records began in 1872.

     The 10 longest streaks are as follows:

     Although this has been a fairly cold March in the city, this March likely wont even make it into the top 25 coldest Marches. There were several colder Marches in the late 1800's.

     However, in Brandon this March is on track to be among the top 10 coldest Marches on record for the city, with records going back to 1890.

     I will have all the finalized stats in my March summary on Sunday or Monday (most likely Monday).

     This milder stretch of temperatures will continue until Saturday. A cool down is expected to begin Saturday night with very chilly conditions expected to begin next week. Will have updates throughout the weekend.

     Happy Easter and enjoy your long weekend everyone!


  1. Extensive fog deck out there this morning across southern Manitoba, southeastern Saskatchewan and much of North Dakota. This extensive deck can be seen on this satellite image from 6:30 am this morning:

    Fog will gradually dissipate through the morning, some lingering in the afternoon in some areas, but it will be generally a sunnier afternoon with highs a little above zero.

  2. Hi JJ, I would like to let you know that I have 2 new facebook weather pages one is Weather in Southern Manitoba Blog: and Southern Manitoba Weather Information: I was wondering if you could add it to your page list to promote more visitor's if you could that would be a great help.... Thank's JJ!

  3. I've added a whole new social media list all together.

  4. Snow depth down to 41 cm at my place as of 4 pm today.
    We're going to need some much warmer temperatures to really put a dent in this snow pack. Snow depth has only diminished 7 cm since last Friday. However, I suppose this isn't all that bad considering the flood potential.

  5. Watch out for fog once again tonight. This should be the last widespread fog night for a few days as a colder air mass moves in tomorrow night with strong northwesterly winds. Sunday looks quite chilly with highs only in the mid minus single digits along with strong winds.

  6. All the way up to +5°C at my place in south St Vital as of 2 pm, making it the warmest day since November 18, 2012.
    Considering the abundant sunshine this afternoon I'll push my predicted high for the airport to at least +2°C for today, +3°C definitely a possibility. That +1°C I had predicted in my Winnipeg forecast this morning was based more on us clouding over by now.

  7. We'll likely see some light snow overnight tonight, not much accumulation but with the increasing winds and colder temperatures moving in it will make roads and highways quite slick in spots. Will be an unpleasant surprise tomorrow with the wind.

  8. Actually got 1.9 cm of snow at my place overnight. A bit of an unpleasant surprise out there in case you haven't looked out the window yet!

  9. Snowing quite steadily at my place right now... Unlucky to those getting stuck under this narrow band cutting right across the city. Localized amounts of 1 cm possible this afternoon.