Sunday, 24 March 2013

Remaining Cooler Than Normal, But It's a Little More Bearable

     It will be a fairly cloudy day today in southern Manitoba with a few light flurries here and there. They wont accumulate to much at all. There wont be as much melting today thanks to this lack of sunshine. Highs will reach between -2 and -4°C around Winnipeg. Tonight, cloud cover will keep us a little milder, similar to this morning.

     Skies will gradually clear through the day on Monday with highs between -3°C and -5°C around the city.

The melt begins
     Tuesday morning will be a chilly one with lows in the low minus teens expected (between -16 and -19°C). Temperatures will rebound nicely into the high minus single digits in the afternoon, and likely reach or exceed the freezing mark within city limits where the sunshine and light winds will favour another urban heat island scenario.

     The rest of the week looks mainly pleasant with no major systems expected (although there may be some flurries at times) and temperatures flirting with the freezing mark. In fact, there's a good chance that we'll finally have a stretch of temperatures at or slightly above freezing late week and next weekend. This would break the now 72-consecutive day stretch without reaching the freezing mark. By the way, as you can see in the table below, this streak is nowhere near record breaking. The longest streak of below zero highs was 108 days, between Nov 9 1996 and Feb 24 1997.

      Our streak of 72 days right now is currently 21st longest. We will likely sneak into 20th place which stands at 75 days and perhaps 19th which stands at 78 days, depending on how much longer our streak lasts.


  1. We may not get to those low minus tees tonight in Winnipeg. The best chance to get that cold will be in southwestern Manitoba where lows near -20°C are expected tonight.

  2. Just to let you all know that I wont be updating the Winnipeg forecast tomorrow. This will only last one day, forecasts will resume starting Wednesday.

  3. The potential is there that we may finally break that freezing mark today, but it will be a close call. Best chance for above zero temperatures will be Friday and perhaps tomorrow and Saturday as well if we're lucky. Unfortunately, another push of arctic air returns on Sunday.

  4. Got the Winnipeg forecast up; things are back to normal now as I'll continue to make the forecasts at the usual early morning time now.

  5. Snow depth down to 43 cm at my place as of today. Hopefully we'll get some good melting Thursday, Friday and Saturday with slightly milder temperatures. Friday could be the warmest. I suppose it's possible the airport may escape exceeding the freezing mark, but I think it would be pretty exceptional given the warmer air aloft moving in. Will be interesting to see what happens..

  6. Just finished going through Brandon's March temperature records and got this interesting statistic to point out.

    Although this March in Winnipeg likely wont even make it to the top 25 coldest Marches on record for the city, it's a different story in Brandon. In fact, the mean temperature this March in Brandon is shaping up to be about 2 to 2.5 degrees colder than Winnipeg's. As a result, it looks like this March will be among the top 10 coldest Marches on record for Brandon with records going back to 1890 there. Will have the final stat in the March summary at the end of the month.