Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Winter Begins Soon

     I'd encourage everyone to enjoy the snow-free ground while it lasts! Winter will begin in just a couple days!

     For today and tomorrow, unfortunately, it will be fairly cloudy and highs will remain in the low single digits. Overnight lows for tonight depend on how much clearing we will see. If we manage to see enough clearing, then lows in the -5 to -8°C range cannot be ruled out. Warmer if we stay cloudy.

     An active and colder pattern begins on Friday. It appears likely we'll see some precipitation in the overnight and morning hours, but precipitation type is in question. At this point, it appears it may begin as a wet snow overnight before switching primarily to rain by morning. As a result, we shouldn't see much snow accumulation, or if we do, it should melt during the day on Friday. After all, we are expected to reach around 6°C or so in the afternoon before colder air moves in late day. Flurries will be possible behind the system late Friday and again on Saturday, but with little accumulation. (To me, this looks like the most likely scenario for Friday, but there could definitely be changes. Will have updates in the comments below as usual).

     A series of systems Saturday night through Monday could bring some accumulative snow to southern Manitoba. However, models have been flip flopping and are not agreeing on how far north the snows will push. For now, just keep in mind snow will be possible, and I'll update in the next few days.