Monday, 23 March 2015

Winter-Like Conditions Making a Short Revisit

We got a little bit more snow than expected this morning in Winnipeg. Snow came down heavily at times overnight and early in the morning leading to rapid accumulations. Looks like a general 5-6 cm fell in Winnipeg and about 6 cm in Brandon.

A lot of the snow we received this morning should melt today and tomorrow as temperatures exceed the freezing mark. In addition, we wont drop much tonight, likely remaining above zero for most of the night. Highs should reach around 2-3°C today and 5-8°C tomorrow afternoon and evening.

A stronger system will be moving up from south of the border tomorrow night into Wednesday. There is still considerable uncertainty about precipitation type and amounts for Winnipeg and southeastern Manitoba. So far, it appears precipitation will begin as rain tomorrow night and switch over to snow by Wednesday morning. 5-10 cm can't be ruled out by Wednesday evening. However, amounts will depend on how early rain switches to snow and how warm we remain on Wednesday. Amounts could be lower or higher depending on the playout of these factors. It will also become quite windy on Wednesday from the north-northwest behind the system with gusts of 60 km/h likely.

Much colder behind the system for Thursday with highs in the -5 to -8°C range. The cool down looks brief with temperatures rebounding by the weekend.

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  1. Yikes...those winds look nasty for tomorrow. Could be some localized power outages as a result. In fact Manitoba Hydro has already been dealing with power outages in the city since yesterday evening. Just a nasty next few days. Hardly springlike.