Saturday, 26 May 2012

Gloomy Cold

     After some snowfall over higher elevations of western Manitoba yesterday, today will be a little better in comparison. Winnipeg only reached a high of 9°C yesterday, which was at least 10° below normal.

     Snow this late in the spring in southern Manitoba is not unheard of, especially over the higher elevations of western Manitoba which will see late season snow like this every once and a while. Snows this late in the season are much more rare in the RRV, where they are only experienced a handful of times in a lifetime. Winnipeg's latest snowstorms were in 1882 (15.2 cm on May 20) and 1910 (4.8 cm on May 28). The greatest accumulation we have ever had in June in Winnipeg was a measly 0.5 cm on June 8, 1877.
Pic sent to The Weather Network. Shot in Rossburn, MB by Morgan Sanders
     Today wont be that bad a day around Winnipeg, the Interlake and eastern Manitoba, at least to start ;) There will be lots of sunshine this morning and to start the afternoon, before things cloud up again with a chance of showers this evening. A much steadier rain will begin to push early Sunday, giving southern Manitoba some much needed heavy rain Sunday morning. A few thunderstorms will be possible embedded in the rain. Showers are expected to continue for much of the day as well, so it will be a gloomy end to the weekend. Generally, amounts look to be around 15 to 25 mm, though amounts could reach as high as 30 mm in harder hit areas, and in areas that get thunderstorms.

     Temperatures will be cool both Saturday and Sunday with highs in the low to mid teens in general. Sunday will also be very windy, with gusts up to 70 km/h possible over much of southern Manitoba.

     Monday, wrap-around showers are expected to continue in many areas. A few rumbles of thunder will possible again in southeastern Manitoba with a bit of instability and lift in the afternoon. An additional 2 to 5 mm will be possible Monday, although amounts will vary.

     Looking for warmer weather? Our next warm up looks to begin mid week, so we still have a few more days of this cool weather.


  1. Scattered weak thunderstorms have formed over southeastern Manitoba this evening. A little unexpected, though there was a very small risk.

    These are quite weak with just a few lightning strikes, and a brief downpour if you get right under a storm.

  2. Looks very wet in the morning tomorrow. Models have trended towards slightly lower amounts for us here in the RRV, with heaviest amounts in southwestern Manitoba. I'm thinking 10 to 15 mm is a good prediction for Winnipeg tomorrow. Heaviest rain in the city will be late in the morning and early afternoon. Thunder will be possible with the rain.

  3. We're in a break in the rain now. More showers and storms look probable again this afternoon and evening. Will give updates.

    About 9 mm in the city so far today, most of that fell in about an hour mid morning with that heavy band.

  4. Watch out for storms in the Winnipeg area over the next hour. A line has now formed to our south and moving straight north, and will be in the city within the next 45 minutes. Main threats this evening with these storms are hail, heavy rain and strong winds.

  5. Total of 26 mm at my place yesterday. The rain in those storms last night were intense! Roads were starting to flood.. Got about 12 mm of rain in 10 minutes with the first storm.

    Showers rebegin again this afternoon, and will continue into the evening, and perhaps even the overnight. A few thunderstorms this afternoon and evening will be possible as well.