Monday, 28 May 2012

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

    After a wet weekend, mother nature is not quite done with the rain just yet. About 20 to 35 mm of rain fell over Winnipeg yesterday, most of which fell with evening thunderstorms. More rain is on the way later today.
     Periods of rain is set to begin in the Winnipeg area within the next couple hours late this afternoon and early evening. This rain is expected to continue through much of tonight, and be heavy at times. Position of this rain band will determine exactly where the heaviest accumulations fall. At this point it appears the heaviest rain will fall along and slightly north of the Trans-Canada Highway, though uncertainty still exists. I will be updating the comment section below over the next several hours as the exact position of the rain band becomes more certain. Heaviest hit areas could see up to 20 mm of rain by sunrise tomorrow morning.

     A few thunderstorms will be possible as well.

     Luckily this rain is not causing any flooding problems here in Manitoba like it is in the Thunder Bay region. The city of Thunder Bay has issued a state of emergency today following a deluge of rain Sunday night. Up to 100 mm of rain fell locally throughout the weekend. This is on top of another rain storm just last week. Some roads have been washed out, and several buildings have been flooded out, including flooded basements.
Picture credit: CBC Thunder Bay. Full story here
     Looking for a change? Tired of this gloomy weather? Well there is a light at the end of the tunnel! After a cloudy-ish Tuesday, skies will clear Wednesday, with rising temperatures. By Thursday and Friday, highs look to return into the low twenties!


  1. Already 11 mm of rain in the last 30 minutes in Charleswood. Looks like the west end of the city is really getting a deluge. Only just started raining here in south St Vital with just light showers. Keep in mind these downpours are quite isolated this evening.

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  3. Charleswood now up to an incredible 25 mm since 6 PM. That part of the city has just been battered compared to other parts. About 12 mm in St Boniface, and only 2 or 3 mm in south Saint Vital. Incredible how isolated these downpours were.

  4. Got down to -2.1°C at my place overnight...! Coldest temperature since April 26. Hopefully we wont be seeing temperatures this cold until fall!