Sunday, 13 May 2012


     Summer seems to have made an early appearance this year. We have entered into a long stretch of 20°C + weather, which is expected to last the whole week.
     We are expecting highs in the mid to high twenties in southern Manitoba today and tomorrow. It will be breezy, with westerly winds of 30 to 50 km/h. However, a brief push of colder air is expected to move south Monday night and Tuesday. As this approaches Monday, a few showers or isolated thunderstorms will be possible Monday evening, generally south of the Trans-Canada and Yellowhead highways. Isolated is the key word here. Behind this, highs are expected to remain near 20°C in Winnipeg Tuesday; a little warmer south of the Trans-Canada, while a little colder north of the highway.

     Things warm back up Wednesday with the return of a more southerly flow. Highs in the mid to high twenties are expected Wednesday through to at least Saturday. We will also have a shot at the 30° mark Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Current indications are that there will be a change in the pattern beginning Sunday, although it is a little early to say. This change would bring with it a chance for thunderstorms.

     Enjoy it while it lasts!

     I want to remind everyone though, to be careful with these very dry conditions, especially in southeastern Manitoba. Yesterday, a couple grass fires did sprung up near Sprague. The cause is unknown. It is recommended that you don't throw your cigarette buts out on the ground, and to be aware of the dryness when having a bonfire for the next week. Not only will it be warm and dry this week, there will also be many breezy days, which would help flames to spread quickly.

     Minnesota had issued a red flag warning yesterday, and still has it today. Those red flag warning conditions are being felt here as well.


  1. Fire sprung up again near Sprague/Woodridge area. You can see it on visible satellite. Perhaps it's the same spot as yesterday, which reignited again today. I don't know for sure.

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  3. That fire in the RM of Piney is getting more serious. It has grown to 1300 hectares. 5 water bombers and 3 helicopters are currently battling the flames. Radar is showing tops of 15 000 ft, and you can see what appears to be a blob of precipitation, which is in fact smoke. It it also clearly visible on visible satellite.

    No towns are currently threatened by the flames themselves.

  4. Thunderstorm currently moving through Winnipeg. Don't expect too much rain; the main threat is very strong wind gusts

  5. Already 2 storms passed through the city in past 45 min. I'm seeing ominous skies to the west, it appears a round 3 is fast approaching.

    This is a strange setup, considering how dry it is. I'm amazed these storms have formed under such dryness. I suppose there is just enough lift and instability. These are high based storms, with most of the precipitation evaporating before touching the ground, therefore I am not expecting much accumulation. Again, strong winds are the main threat, and that is what environment canada has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for.

  6. Turned out to be quite an interesting evening in the city. First were those 2 or 3 thunderstorms after supper. Since then, a secondary cold front pushed through about an hour and a half ago, with VERY strong winds behind.

    Reports of dust storm-like conditions in the northern suburbs of Winnipeg early this evening with those thunderstorms.... Crazy, not something we see every day, let alone every year! Blowing dust will continue to be an issue in rural areas until this winds begins to subside soon. It should begin to lighten in the city within the next hour or two. Some stations have recorded gusts as high as 100 km/h this evening, not surprising.

    Quite an eventful day!

  7. Today will be a normal day with a high around 19°C. It's quite sunny to start the morning, although cloud will be increasing later this morning.

    Tonight begins a change as dewpoints begin to climb, and temperatures increase aloft. As a result, lows tonight will be much warmer than this morning's with a low of around 11 to 13°C.

    Tomorrow, humidity continues to build, and temperatures skyrocket with lots of sunshine. High around 28°C are expected, with humidex values around 30 or so. Clouds will begin to increase later in the afternoon, which will bring a chance of showers in the evening, though nothing significant. An isolated rumble possible in southwest Manitoba, though it's not a big risk.

    Thursday night will be warm with lows in the mid teens expected.

    Friday is uncertain, since we will be right on the edge of the really warm air. Temperatures in southeastern Manitoba look to rise into the high twenties and low thirties, and that combined with dewpoints in the mid teens would give humidex values in the mid thirties. With a low pressure system and associated cold front moving through Manitoba, thunderstorms will be quite likely with all the humidity and lift. Surface-based severe storms will be possible in southeastern areas in the afternoon and early evening, before storms become more elevated in the night.

    More details to come