Thursday, 31 May 2012


     It's shaping up to be a fabulous Thursday in Manitoba, with highs in the low to mid twenties and abundant sunshine.

     Tomorrow, things get a little more turbulent with a north to south surface trough, which may kick off widely scattered thunderstorms throughout southern and central Manitoba. These storms look to remain non-severe, although some storms may produce some hail and gusty winds. It will still be warm however with highs in the low twenties.

     Saturday, things become a little more settled, however a chance for showers still exists in western and eastern Manitoba. We will stay dry here in Winnipeg. Things will really begin to heat up Saturday however. Highs in the mid twenties are expected Saturday, with highs in the high twenties by next week. We may even get a few chances at 30°C in the middle of next week, however that is a little too far to draw to conclusions.

     After Friday, our next chance for showers and storms will be Sunday. I will provide more details on Sunday's potential in the comment section below later today or tomorrow.

** Note: I will not be in the city this weekend and will not have acccess to internet. As a result, the Winnipeg forecast and the thunder forecasts will not be updated from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. I am sorry for an inconvenience this may cause.

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