Friday, 13 January 2012

Cold Blast Imminent

     The snow has begun over the city already this evening, and will continue after midnight before ending overnight. Not a lot of snow, perhaps 1 or 2 cm. Wind is fairly light, so blowing snow wont be a big problem. Temperatures will slowly rise tonight, and we should be waking up in the morning near -10 or -11 C. It will be a warmer day tomorrow with high near -7 or -8 C. Cloudy skies are expected though, and that is true Sunday as well.
     Sunday will be much milder as a clipper system moves through. Some flurries are expected around the city during the day, perhaps a cm. Although, the bulk of the snow will fall in the Interlake with 5-10 cm possible there. Highs in the city should be near -3 C Sunday. A brisk south wind of 30/50 km/h will make it feel colder than that -3 C though.
     Behind that system Sunday, frigid arctic air will wrap behind the system, and descend Monday. Next week will be frigid with the coldest air we've seen so far this winter. We will wake up Monday in the mid minus teens, although WNW winds of 30/50 km/h will make it feel much colder, similar to last Wednesday. Temperatures wont rise much at all Monday.
     Beyond Monday, the rest of the next week looks frigid with highs barely over -20 C, as well as the possibility for our first -30 C readings since last February.

     Even farther in the future, models have been trending towards a warmer end to January, although that could change...
     Stay tuned for updates.. =)


  1. Measured a total of 1.6 cm of snow here with this snowfall. Next appears to be tomorrow with potentially another cm.

  2. Got a dusting (0.3 cm) of snow pellets and flurries overnight. Today will be a mixed bag, with some sun, some cloud, and some flurries here and there. Enjoy the warmth today, with a high of -2 C.
    The upcoming week looks frigid. Lows in the minus thirties and highs in the minus twenties are definitely going to be a reality. Our next chance for some snow or flurries looks like Wednesday. Doesn't look like much, perhaps a cm or two at most. Next weekend at this point looks snowy, so stay tuned for updates on that..

  3. Intense band of snow about to move through the city, beginning any minute now. Radar is showing snowfall rates of 2 cm/hour at the moment, although it should only last a half hour at most. Expect conditions to deteriorate very soon. It will be a heavy snow, although a very short-lived one.

  4. Snow is coming down like crazy out there! Barely see across the street, visibility is significantly reduced out there. Watch out on those roads out there.
    Already measured about 2 cm here just in the past 20 minutes.

  5. Talk about a FREAK SNOWSTORM

    Total of 2.3 cm here, all of which fell in just 25 minutes. A very wet snow too. I can't even imagine what it would have been like in rural areas if we could barely see across the street within city limits.
    The snow is pretty much over now, although we may see some flurries this evening, but it wont be anything like what we just experienced.

  6. A windy evening and night behind the cold front. Expect blowing snow with the newly fallen snow, especially in open areas. Temperatures are plummeting too. What was -1 C at the Airport at 7 pm is now -10 C as of 10 pm!
    Winds will be lighter tomorrow, but it will still be a bit breezy, out of the NW.

    As for the arctic air that is coming, the arctic high that is pushing south has brought extreme cold to the territories. -37 C in Whitehorse this morning, and it did not get above -30 C all day. It is also -46 C in Dawson, Yukon at the moment. It wont get that cold here, but it gives you an idea that very cold air is coming!

  7. Just how cold will it get this week?
    I will try to have a post up by mid evening. Bundle up!
    If it makes anybody feel a bit better, lets just say here in southern Manitoba, we wont be seeing the coldest weather in this outbreak! It will even colder out west.