Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Last record warm day for a while..

     Yet another record breaker today. Winnipeg tied its record 5.1 C in 1990, although records were broken in other areas:
High Today
Old Record
Records began
2.5 (2002)
3.0 (1990)
Fisher Branch
2.4 (2002)
5.1 (TIE)
5.1 (1990)
3.5 (1990)
2.6 (2006)

     It also reached 8.6 C in McCreary and 7.0 C in Emerson.
     We may get a few flurries this evening and overnight, although not much. Much of it is staying to our south and east. We may get some snow tomorrow throughout the day though, and that mixed with winds of 40/70 km/h will cause blowing snow and reduced visibility. I'm expecting about 1-3 cm tomorrow, so nothing major, although it will be a major wake-up call. As a cold front passes later tonight, temperatures will plummit to near -12 to -15 by morning, and stabilize or even drop throughout the day. By evening, temperatures will already be approaching -20 C and we are expecting to drop into the low minus twenties Thursday morning (-22 to -25 C). That along with breezy NW winds will create wind chills we have not seen yet this winter (minus thirties). Thursday will be frigid with highs barely over -20... Friday morning will be another frigid start with lows again into the mid minus twenties. .. Ouch!
     It will be a brief surge of cold air though, as temperatures warm back up by the weekend. Expect highs back in the minus single digits, Sunday being the warmest. It appears the cold will return next week, although certainty in that is unknown at the moment. With a positive and rising AO still, cold blast should be brief, but that could change....
Stay tuned..


  1. What a change! As I expected, looks like accumulations in WPG are not as high as some public forecasts had said. Looks like a general 1 to 3 cm in our area. Hard to say exactly how much snow is falling with this system, because of the wind. The wind is just blowing all the snow around. For instance, the board I use to measure snow has been swept clean by the wind..

    Temperatures fell into the mid minus teens by morning this morning, and have stayed steady in the mid minus teens this afternoon.

  2. Tonight, the snow will begin to taper off by evening, and be generally over by mid evening. Some lingering flurries are still possible into the night though. Perhaps another cm before it's all done. Lows tonight will be in the low minus twenties; I'm thinking -22 or -23 for WPG. Highs tomorrow near -18 to -20. Bundle up!

    Our next chance for some snow will be friday night into Saturday morning. Perhap a cm or two with that, so it wont be anything major. Warmup this weekend, but we wont be spoiled again! I'm thinking -10 C for Saturday and -6 C for Sunday before things cool down again next week.

    Back to reality!

  3. Light snow will be tapering off within the next hour or two. Tonight's low will depend on how early we clear. If we clear earlier than expected, lows could be as low as -25 to -27. If we stay cloudy long enough, we could see lows as much as 6 degrees warmer than that.

  4. Another cold night tonight. I'm expecting a low around -24 or -25 for the city.
    Our next chance for snow looks like tomorrow night, with a general 2-4 cm in the Winnipeg area expected, nothing too significant.
    A brief warm-up on the weekend, with another chance for snow Sunday. Perhaps another 1-3 cm with that band.

  5. BRRR! Very cold blast of arctic air beginning Monday. More details tonight..