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Warm Welcome and Top 10 Weather Events of 2011 - #10

     Hi, I am JJ, and welcome to my new blog. I love looking back at big weather events, and I have been doing these top 10 weather events for the Winnipeg area for personal interests since 2006. It is only until now that I've decided to share. I've decided to do a countdown, every day from Jan 1 to Jan 5, I will reveal my top 10 weather events from last to first. In the future, I am considering including my readers in choosing my top 10 events.
Over the year, I also hope to give monthly summaries about the weather in Winnipeg during the past month. I may occasionally make small forecasts and posts in between, especially during big weather events, but it will depend on if time allows it. This blog is mainly just an interest of mine, I love looking back at the extreme and diverse climate that we enjoy in Manitoba. Feel free to comment about how an event affected you, share pictures or begin a discussion. Enjoy! =)

#10 July 4 Super Cell Outbreak

     A cold front slicing through a hot and humid air mass triggered numerous super cell storms in southern Manitoba during the afternoon on July 4. Temperatures reached 30C, and with the humidex it felt like the high thirties.

     Storms began erupting between Brandon and Portage near noon. The storms intensified rapidly, with cloud tops reaching 45 000 ft in as little as an hour. As storms continued firing and moving east, Environment Canada issued several tornado watches and warnings throughout the south and south east.

     The super cells never did produce any tornadoes, although funnel clouds were reported near Gimli. They were mainly heavy rain and large hail producers, with many areas reporting pea to golf ball sized hail. Lightning was also frequent and intense.

     Near Carman, the storm featured a nice wall cloud with rotation. Later on, that same storm produced tennis ball sized hail between Lowe Farm and Morris. Further south, Altona’s tornado sirens were sounded twice due to tornado warnings. Baseball sized hail fell just south of the city, which reportedly smashed car windows. Very strong wind gusts were also associated with the storm near the International Border. A wind gust of 107 km/h was reported in Emerson.
Radar image at 3:30 PM

     In Winnipeg, a strong storm popped up right over the city mid afternoon. Heavy rain and nickel to toonie sized hail fell over central and northern areas. Generally, 5 to 15 mm of rain fell, while the extreme south edge was spared the worst with only a trace.

     Further north, 30 mm of rain fell in Lac du Bonnet in only 15 minutes. Small trees were also taken down by strong winds.

Source1     2
My pics in south Wpg

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